Neon World

This entry was supposed to be posted a week ago, but since I decided to talk about game engines and what not, here we are. I would like to introduce you to the next title I’m working on, it’s called “Neon World”.

A few weeks ago, I shared some technical stuff that I was working on for a prototype. This setup eventually led me to what I’m working on now, a game that I decided to call “Neon World”. The concept behind the name is a retro style colorful neon look with lots of glow, why this look? Because I love the style and music of the 80’s, so naturally this was a theme I gravitated toward.

We’re still following the same player control concept that I wanted originally (Floating via screen tap), but there are some unique elements we have implemented. The major one is having two characters to control rather than one. The idea of controlling multiple flying characters has been done in Badland, the difference is we only have two characters and they are part of a storyline.

Neon World gameplay image – Floater and Fetsak flying through level 1.

By now you may have noticed that I’m saying “We” rather than “I”, that’s because I was able to find others who were interested in joining the project. The story is actually quite interesting, on my birthday I got a random twitter follower by the name of Game Dev Network, I randomly clicked on the profile and noticed a link in there which I just decided to click for some reason, this led me to a wonderful discord group with plenty of active game developers from all different fields. Being new to discord I had no idea how it worked, but the people there were kind enough to welcome me and help out.

I decided to post an ad on one of the channels on GDN looking for others to help me out with things I was not good at. I figured that since I’m a programmer, I should look for artists and musicians. I posted the ad and showed a brief footage of the prototype I had, within 5 days or so, I had 3 other people working with me 🙂

DE-E4IpXoAIVmvL (2)
Neon World level map.

The first to join was Ethan, he goes by the nickname of PsychoSyclone. Ethan offered to help me with the art and just like myself, he is a beginner in gamedev. I noticed that he enjoyed working with pixel art the most (We’re using vector art for this project), but he also has excellent skills in Photoshop and he’s pretty much doing all the label work (Like the title you see at the header of this entry, which is also used in our splash screen). A side from art, he’s also working on his channel on Vid.Me, we figured this will be very useful when we’re marketing the game down the road.

The next person to join was a fellow from South Africa by the name of Wynand. Like myself, he’s a career person by day (Mechanical Engineer) and game developer by night. Wynand offered to help with vector art and animations, but he’s also helping in other areas such as programming, level design, sound, etc. He was the one who came up with the design for the main characters and their animations. He also came up with a basic storyline that is still in the works as we speak.

Last but not least, a very talented French musician/sound composer and also a game designer by the name of Sebastien joined us, he goes by the nickname Kayupla. Unlike the rest of the team, Sebastien has a little more experience in gamedev. He’s also working on a very cool platformer which is called Rob n’ Run. Sebastien has already produced for other games, and he is currently working on the music for Neon World (Some of the tracks are already out on his Bandcamp page).

Floater and Fetsak coming down the level entry point making their grand arrival into the scene.

We estimated a timeline of 3-4 months of development and release on Android/iOS, but we also agreed that as long the release is before 2018, it’s still a good time length. So basically 6 months max, but 3-4 months is the desirable timeframe. This estimate was given back in June, and I feel like we have made significant progress since then. The main gameplay elements are pretty much complete (Character movements, splash/menu, world map, level progression, lots of art, etc). At the moment we are working on the level design for most part, and we’re looking to finish all of our levels by September (Fingers crossed). There are also other components we are working on such as game settings, in-game sounds, overall cosmetic touches, and monetization (Ads are already implemented, and we will work on implementing in-app-purchases as well). Overall I feel optimistic about a release date in Oct/Nov , but I won’t rule out December just in case we need the extra time.

So there you have it folks, this is the latest scoop, I hope we can pull it off. Until next time 🙂





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