Given that this is my first entry, perhaps it’s best to introduce myself and what I’m all about to some extent.

My name is Nenos Birko, I’m a professional programmer by day and an avid game developer by night, I’m also a loving husband and a father of two wonderful boys. Grew up in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, but was born in Basra, Iraq. My ethnic background is Assyrian, yes, those same ancient Assyrians that can also be found in Biblical stories and Age of Empires, nowadays we’re just a Middle Eastern Christian minority scattered around Iraq/Iran/Syria/Turkey, but with a significant diaspora presence. Other than my family, programming, and video games, I also enjoy watching good shows/movies, swimming, hiking, reading, music, and love hockey (Go Red Wings).

So now that I got some of the juice out of the way, why am I here and what will I talk about? I do know that I want to blog and talk about my video game projects, I think this would be an excellent way to keep a log of what I’m working on and also share it with the world. I also would love to connect with like minded individuals and I feel like this would be a good opportunity. Other than that, I think this may be a good way to help me improve my writing skills, or I hope at least 🙂

Now that you got to know a little about me and why I’m here, hopefully I can share my experience and the progress on my projects with you in the future, until then, back to work for me.


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